Being Ana Reviews

“Shani Raviv is a great inspiration to the many millions out there struggling with eating disorders. Her book being Ana is honest, sensitive, witty, brutal and so much more.”

— Graham Alexander, eating disorder psychologist & Director of Crescent Clinic Eating Disorders Unit

“Candid descriptions of what must be a difficult and deeply personal, yet important, story to tell.”

— Seal Press

“Raviv’s openness and clarity in sharing her experience with anorexia offers a unique opportunity to gain empathy and understanding for the living of an eating disorder.”

— Dr. John Dennino, Eating disorder clinical psychologist and adjunct faculty in counseling and health psychology, Bastyr University

“My first encounter with Shani was as her event host for “Being Ana’s” book launch at Book Passage in Marin, CA. Her deeply personal story was so captivating that as a Professor of Women’s Health at SFSU, I invited her to speak to my students so they too could get the rare treat of learning her story. And so it did, my students were inspired in every way, and wrote rave reviews sharing their realization that like Shani, they could access their inner resiliency by empathizing with courageous women like her.”

— Cathy Rath, San Francisco State University's Women’s Health Faculty

“A fascinating window into the frightening and relentless world of Anorexia and, equally, young womanhood.”

— Katherine Boyle, Veritas Literary Agency

“Ms. Raviv did an amazing job of simultaneously showing how her eating disorder functioned to keep her from being conscious of the underlying issues while in the depths of it, and showing the reader how all of her behaviors, thoughts and feelings were directly related to those underlying issues.”

— Susie Roman, MA, former programs director at the National Eating Disorders Association

“Beautifully bold and authentically told being Ana is the best autobiography I’ve read to date about a young woman’s struggle to find herself and to learn to love the self she finds, as is.”

— Joan Krakowiak, eating disorder therapist, MSW, LICSW