Free Spirit Writing Circles

Free Spirit Writing Circles start in September in person & on Zoom! 

Sign up for fall 2019

Free Spirit Writing circles *here.


4 Weeks / 6 Weeks

$180 / $270


Tuesday evenings on Zoom (6 WEEKS) — Cost $270

SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 29, 7-9pm


Thursday evenings in person (6 WEEKS) — Cost $270

SEPTEMBER 26 – OCTOBER 31, 7-9pm


Friday mornings in person (4 WEEKS) — Cost $180

OCTOBER 4-25, 9-11am


Free Spirit Writing is a freeing practice that takes you deep inside yourself where you may visit old wounds, new loves, and places that are otherwise ordinarily buried.

Because this is deep, transformational work, I ask that before you sign up, we have a short convo to see if it’s the right fit for you at this time.

So, if you’re feeling amped to get started, contact me here and let’s chat! 


What is Free Spirit Writing?


It’s an adventure of words, 

like journaling aloud or naked. 

It’s a whispering, a witnessing.


You leap and the net appears in the form of a blank page. 

And the page is a path, that always takes you Home.


Why I love this Work?


When I discovered this Work through the wonderful Laurie Wagner, it felt like a calling. 

Like this is a big part of what I’m meant to be doing with my precious Life. 

For so long I’ve said, to myself, out loud, to the Universe: 

I want to help people write their stories.

So, this is one way I can be that guide-ess 

who awakens your spirit through writing, sharing & witnessing.


Free Spirit Writing is for you if:


You’re a writer, wannabe writer or someone who loves to journal or play with words. 

This Writing Circle offers you: 


Time and space to write a hell of a lot within a safe and structured format.

Edgy prompts that trigger alive and on fire writing like nothing else.

Breakthroughs in your writing style, writer’s blocks and voice.


Free Spirit Writing is for you if:


You love going really deep, really fast with others and cutting through all the superficial stuff that we hide behind.

This Writing Circle offers you:


Instant connection, trust, and safety with a group of kindred spirits.

Deep listening from others so you feel truly seen and heard.

A brave space to share what’s really on your heart with true compassion from others.


Free Spirit Writing is for you if:


You’ve been feeling isolated or alone and craving nurturing connection with no strings attached.

This Writing Circle offers you:


The realization that you are not alone in your human experience.

An invitation to throw caution to the wind, free of judgement.

A safe opportunity to go to places in your mind and soul that you fear.


How does a Free Spirit Writing Circle work?


I choose edgy, provocative, thought-provoking prompts that I pull from narrative poems.

I set a timer and we write for 5 – 15 minutes, focused, without stopping or ‘thinking’.

We each take turns to read our pieces aloud while others bear witness. 

We don’t critique or offer feedback—while one person reads, the others listen.

Deep healing happens through this powerful, simple act of witnessing one another’s humanness, craziness and sameness.

Incredibly powerful writing happens through this stream-of-consciousness, highly-focused, wild writing style. 



What other Free Spirit Writers say about this Work…


“What an incredibly heart-opening and surprising experience to release what you may not even know is inside of you, until Shani tells you to begin writing, uninhibited by the tendency of the mind to analyze every word. There is so much vulnerability and power in allowing yourself to spill forth onto the page your stream of consciousness thoughts. Let it out. You won’t regret it.” — A.K.M

“Shani created a warm and nurturing atmosphere that made it easy to write and reveal beauty and truth. I want to do it again!” — Ruth Davis