Welcome to a creative and healing  writing practice that will wake up your spirit, get you writing deep and raw while connecting to others, and to your Truths. It’s a practice that requires focus and fortitude,  takes you to forbidden places and forgotten spaces, and offers you forgiving hearts.


What is Free Spirit Writing? 

It’s an adventure of words,
like journaling aloud or naked.
It’s a whispering, a witnessing.
You leap and the net appears in the form of a blank page.
And the page is a path, that always takes you Home.

Why I love this Work? 

When I discovered this Work through the wonderful Laurie Wagner, it felt like a calling.
Like this is a big part of what I’m meant to be doing with my precious Life.
For so long I’ve said, to myself, out loud, to the Universe:
I want to help people write their stories. 
So, this is one way I can be that guide-ess
who awakens your spirit through writing, sharing & witnessing.
Free Spirit Writing is for you if: 
You’re a writer, wannabe writer or someone who loves to journal or play with words. This Writing Circle offers you:
  • Time and space to write a hell of a lot within a safe and structured format
  • Edgy prompts that trigger alive and on fire writing like nothing else
  • Breakthroughs in your writing style, writing blocks, writer’s voice
You love going really deep, really fast with others and cutting through all the superficial stuff that we hide behind. This Writing Circle offers you:
  • Instant connection, trust and safety with a group of kindred spirits
  • Deep listening from others so you feel truly seen and heard
  • A brave space to share what’s really on your heart with true compassion from others
You’ve been feeling isolated or alone all winter and craving nurturing connection with no strings attached. This Writing Circle offers you:
  • The realization that you are not alone in whatever human experience you are going through
  • An invitation to throw caution to the wind without worrying that you’ll be judged or criticized
  • An opportunity to go places in your mind and soul that you don’t easily traverse alone or with others
How does a Free Spirit Writing Circle work? 
I choose edgy, provocative, thought-provoking prompts that I pull from narrative poems.
I set a timer and together we write for about 15 minutes totally focused without stopping and without ‘thinking”.
Then we each take turns to read our piece out loud and we don’t critique or give feedback, we just share and listen.
Deep healing happens through this powerful, simple act of witnessing one another’s humanness, craziness, and sameness.
Incredibly creative writing happens through this stream-of-consciousness, highly focused, wild writing style.
There are two options starting in Spring 2019: 
4-Week Wild Writing Workshop
Dates: Thursdays, April 11 & 18 and May 2 & 9 from 7pm-9pm
4-Hour Wild Writing Workshop
Date: Sunday, April 7 from 11am-3pm
$90 (includes lunch)