My intern group greatly appreciated Shani’s talk and her openness and willingness to be intimate and personal about her experiences. They found her so relatable. Shani’s talk truly helped make the ‘taboo’ topic of eating disorders feel accessible and hopeful.

Abbie Gregor, LCSW, PPSC, psychiatric social worker, Berkeley High School Health Center

I found Shani’s reading quite moving and I really admire her for sharing it with us. My interns all felt the same way. It was so relevant to what so many adolescent girls experience, even if they don’t struggle with full-blown eating disorders (false sense of self, misdirected energy, etc.)

Alisa Crovetti, Ph.D., credentialed school psychologist, Piedmont Unified School District

Shani spoke at The Victorian and it was hugely influential for our gals struggling with their own eating disorders. She shares her story with genuine honesty, courage, and heart. Her book gives an in depth look at the struggle and victory over this horrific disease. Shani is living proof that you can overcome Anorexia. She is a vision of hope!

Michelle Smith, former program director & nurse at The Victorian, an eating disorder treatment center

Shani’s openness and clarity in sharing her experience with Anorexia gave the students in my class a unique opportunity to gain empathy and understanding for the living of an eating disorder. I know it will make them better therapists.

Dr. John Deninno, eating disorder clinical psychologist and adjunct faculty in counseling and health psychology, Bastyr University